Hipsters are boring

Be a hobo

About us

Or a story about how Swanky hobo is created

Swanky hobo is a new brand from Zagreb, Croatia, designed and developed by a four students of Faculty of Graphic Arts. It is conceived as a shirt brand with a phrase: Swanky hobo- Hipsters are boring. Be a hobo.

But in fact, it was created as a compulsory project for Digitalni Multimedij 2 course

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Promo video


This short video is taken on location Zapadni kolodvor, Zagreb. The main actors from this video are owners of the brand Swanky hobo, as followed: Andro Racic, Ana Beverin, Filip Slisko and Adriana Biuk. Any resemblance to real characters and events is coincidental.

Behind the scenes


Andro Racic

Ana Beverin

Filip Slisko

Adriana Biuk


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